You have an issue.

You have a great team.

We work together.

We solve the issue together.

Where are my customers?

A public health agency designed a programme to help teenagers, but somehow the teenagers would not turn up. What started out as a discussion to re-design the programme turned into realization that it was not the design; rather, the way we invited teenagers for the programme made them feel like 'prisoners serving a sentence'. 

What happened to

my request?

Project managers putting up a finance request in this MNC were often frustrated by the lack of advice and response. Using Design Thinking tool, we help both sides understand each other's pains, and got them to work together to achieve the company's goal.

Why is everyone

else like that?

Everyone thinks the problem is everyone else.

Using coaching and facilitation, we helped officers in a non-profit realize their own contribution to a situation, and acknowledged the other department positively. We got the team to build a common vision, and the strategy to attain it.