Coaching and Facilitation

Developing Individuals and Teams to Scale New Heights

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Coaching and Facilitation Skills for Leaders

'Not human resource, but human capital' - A new perspective.


People are our greatest assets. If so, what do we do with our assets? We invest in it, we grow it, we groom it, and eventually, it pays us back manifold. From their perspective, the best talent are the best because they constantly want to be challenged and developed. They also want to be appreciated, to receive feedback, and to have a sense of progress. That’s why to keep these talent, great leaders engage them through coaching and facilitation. In the new millennia, these skills have quickly risen to the topline item in the leadership development syllabus.

Coaching and Facilitation in the Asian Workplace

Our philosophy is that Coaching and Facilitation has to be done in context of the culture at the workplace. And the workplace culture has deep connections with social culture – that’s why we believe coaching and facilitation in the Asian workplace has nuances different from coaching and facilitation elsewhere. For example, our inclination towards collectivism and deference to power means we much prefer being taught and mentored, rather than being coached to search for answers within ourselves.

How can it help me?

Using the book Leader As Coach, Leader As Facilitator, our programme in coaching and facilitation analyses this for the participants, and introduces useful frameworks and tools for the leader to coach and facilitation both individual and team learning. The end outcome are leaders who can grow, engage and build deep meaningful relationship with their direct reports and teams.